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Q-box is a universal mobile and foldable work office of small dimensions, appropriate for work at home or professional use. The closed unit is designed as minimalistic cube, and open unit as a functional work space.

The system is represented with three units, different heights 90,130 and 170 cm. Each Q-box is ergonomically designed for work. It contains space for chair, computer, printer, drawer and shelf.

Because of asymmetrical closing system, the closed unit covers only 0,75 m2, and opened only 1,75 m2. Ergonomically work and use of any desk chair is possible despite compact dimensions. The chair can easily be stored inside Q-box even in closed position. It enables us the use of large LCD display with up to 27 inch, all types of computers, printing hardware and other office elements.

Storing area for documents is dependent from height of selected unit. Each unit has a space under the desk for wire management and a drawer. LED light and storage for documents can be installed in shelves above the desk.

Q-box is made of wood, painted in five exterior colors and bright interior.

Q-BOX 90 cm

 mobile office Basic Q-box configuration,
dimensions 100/75/95 cm,
with foldable work desk, room for chair
and drawer.
Q-BOX 130 cm

mobile office Medium size Q-box configuration ,
dimensions 100/75/135 cm,
with foldable work desk, room for chair,
drawer and closed space for LCD display.
Q-BOX 170 cm

 mobile office High Q-box configuration,
dimensions 100/75/170 cm,
with foldable work desk, room for chair,
drawer, closed spase for LCD display
and shelves for documents.

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